Joseph Anichukwu Global Sustainable Association

Save our environment from pollution: TO IMPROVE OUR LIFE TOMORROW

Saving the environment, is our duties as individuals, and not awaiting some other, one might want to ask How can I do it, knowing that when we discussed mentality of Nigeria, and our attitude towards our environment; Such progress made in changing that mentality of ’I don’t care’ attitude. Now that you know, that there are many thing we can do to help the environment, we need to help the environment because we live on earth, and this is the only place we can live on right now. If we treat it like the city of dump, it becomes dirty and unlivable. If we treat it well, the earth stays a clean place, perfect for living, for ourselves and our children.   

To achieve this goal, in order to save the environment, you, we need to be aware of what you; we are doing, buying using and what it does to the environment. There are many things we can do to help save the environment every day, by you and me; we can reduce the amount of waste you produce by buying products in bulk, rather than in individually wrapped containers. You can also reuse things. Do not throw away unwanted used computer paper, use the other side for scratch paper, then recycle it. Before you throw broken things away, or rather than burning, donate used clothes, furniture, toy, books and magazines to charity. It is also very easy to recycle. You can try to finding recycling centers in your area that accepts toner cartridge. Aluminum, and steel can, newspaper, and phone books, plastic jugs and bottles, glass jars and bottles, shopping bags, cars batteries and motor oil. Another thing, you can do if you have a yard to it in is compost. Compost makes specially a great fertilizer for plant. If you try to stay away from using disposal plate, cups, napkin and plastic ware, that would help something, people allot of times don’t think of using rechargeable batteries or renewable alkaline batteries, whenever possible, use fluorescent light, it lasts longer and use ¼ the energy. One very easy thing to do is conserve water, check your shower heads to conserve water and lower your bill, you can replace them with low flow shower heads, and you can add low flow faucet aerators to your sinks, when you have replaced your toilet look into a low flush toilet. By doing these things, you will not only be help to conserve water, you will save yourself money in the long run.    

 “The entire planet is our home.  
We are the only species that systematically destroy our own habitat”
-Marianna Williamson. 

Pollution is our problem; prevention is a major global concern because of its harmful effects on people’s health and the environment. Because we are all inhabitants on earth everyone is a stakeholder and every person has something to contribute to advance effective pollution prevention awareness

•    -Create a logistics company waste management.
•    -Become a partner with both governments Nigeria-swiss.
•    -Press kit firm photos, positive and negative from both countries.
•    -To begin, awareness work is needed in families, schools and churches.
•    -Raising international awareness about mortality in Nigeria very young population.
•    -Recovery container promotion for communities, individuals and business
•    -Finding ways to recycle them
•    -Research or creation of recycling plants.
•    -Logistics of waste management, means of recovering (transport) waste.
•    -Research of various means of valorization.
•    -Job creation.
•    -Search for partners.
•    -Loyalty and Accountability Program for Individuals, Companies, and Government.
•    -Interest through waste recovery, reward system.
•    -List waste generators.